A difficult fit and a child's bedroom installation

We have had a great week of installations over the last few days but we are all missing the sun, hopefully the rest of the Summer holidays won't be a wash out.

We installed 2 wardrobes in a very tight space, it was difficult for our fitters to work in the space but when they finished it looked absolutely spectacular. I absolutely love how these look, they stand out as such gorgeous wardrobes whilst blending effortlessly into the room, the clients really chose their colour well.

fitted wardrobe Cornwall

fitted wardrobe Devon

fitted wardrobe Somerset

Our next fit is a little more traditional. It was a bedroom installation for a girl and the clients chose a gorgeous combination to really make great use of the space available.

The fitted bedroom included dressing table/desk, bookcase and wardrobes with top box. I can't see the girl ever out growing the furniture. The colour is a soft pink and one of the great things about our furniture is that if you get tired of the colour you can simply give it a light sand and repaint, meaning that it will last for years and years.

If you like what you see and have any queries or would like to book a free consultation for a fitted wardrobe, fitted item of furniture or a kitchen please call: 0333 577 5155

child's bedroom Cornwall

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