Wonderfully waxed

We make a lot of fitted wardrobes, furniture and kitchens and there has been a really big trend for a painted finish over the last 2 years. A painted finish is a great way to fit a new piece of furniture into your home seamlessly, it can blend in and look like it has also been there, it's also a great way to add a statement and add a bit of personality.

Personally I love seeing the natural beauty of the wood, this can be achieved by a wax or oil finish. We have recently installed this gorgeous fitted wardrobe for one of our clients in Cornwall. The panelled doors combined with top boxes and drawers provide lots of internal storage and the wax lets the natural beauty shine through.

As we make and install these ourselves, we can literally make any size and to any colour. So unlike other fitted wardrobe manufacturers there really sin't a limit on what you can have. If you are interested in booking a free appointment please call our friendly team on: 0333 577 5155.

waxed fitted wardrobe cornwall

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