A installation with a secret....

We make some amazing fitted wardrobes, furniture and kitchens but this one stands out as something a bit different and all us at Fitted Wardrobe Cornwall absolutely love it.

At fist glance this looks like a lovely fitted wardrobe.

Fitted wardrobe Cornwall

But then if you look a little closer.....

secret room inside a wardrobe

You can see that the wardrobe is actually a room divider, creating a lovely dressing room space on the other side.

We absolutely love this, it's unique and shows what can be done with a large space to create different elements to a room. We don't just do standard, we make to our clients requirements. If you are struggling to find a fitted wardrobe company that can make exactly what you want please get in touch. We cover Cornwall, Devon & Dorset.

If you are interested in discussing fitted wardrobes with us please call: 0333 577 5155 or contact us here.

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