A fitted wardrobe guide

Buying tips for fitted wardrobes

Look at the space that you have - try not to be influenced by your your existing wardrobe or storage solution as this may not be right for you or your room.

Do you want a piece that blends in? This can help make a room appear bigger or do you want a statement 'wow factor' piece that is finished in an amazing colour?

Lots of our clients worry that there wardrobe finish may go out of fashion, but the good news is solid wooden doors (like ours) can be stripped and repainted in the future meaning that your fitted wardrobe will stand the test of time.

Bling up the doors with decadent handles or go for a more subtle look of sliding doors - these are a great option if you don't have the space for a door to swing open,

Interiors are always something that our clients spend time thinking about and as we make each one ourselves we don't have standards, we can literally make it how you would like - meaning the possibilities are endless.

Opt for adjustable shelves *great if you're storage needs are likely to change), fixed shelves, pull out shelves, hidden internal drawers and shoe racks (this is just a small example of the type of interior that you can opt for).

Sloping ceilings? Not a problem we make a lot of angled wardrobes that fit seamlessly into the space and really help to make that awkward space a gorgeous focal point of any room.

It's always worth looking through our gallery and sites like pinterest to get ideas. Lots of customers like to research different looks and combine different elements to get a truly unique look.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation, we now cover Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and sometimes go a little further) please message us to book.

fitted wardrobe interior

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